Sunday, January 23, 2011

last christmas post...promise

This is terribly past due. It's an important time of the year though so it's going in the blog!
So we we had a temporary case of insanity this year and decided the 17 hour drive to Idaho was a good idea. It actually wasn't too bad thanks to splitting it between two days and listening to The Hunger Games and Mocking Jay. A good time was had once we were there, and we tried to enjoy the snow before heading back to the barren dessert.
christmas morning at Gma and Gpa Mcs
Funny thing-I can count the number of times Ry has woken up after 7am on one hand, one of those times was Christmas morning, and all her cousins were patiently waiting to open presents. So a first in Ry's life, being woken up in the morning (which doesn't quite make up for the thousand times she has done it to us).

All my kiddos and their stockings. Kevin is included in that, I have this fear that now that he's married Christmas morning will be lame.

Love that she is overjoyed to get a pair of wings...which is good because that's about all she got from us. Lame Christmas morning fear is legit...I'm the worst!

christmas day at Gma Lou's
I LOVE this pic. This is my little bro...uncle mike. Ry insisted we get him a present, and I convinced her he would love this plaid shirt (that was 75% off).
Thank goodness for Gmas and Gpas, my kids had a great Christmas. Ry got a princess dress from my dad and his wife, and transforms into Princess Ryeena every morning right around 5am.

Sledding. Ry loved, Soph froze.

She was much happier to be back in our toasty warm car.

Spent our last couple days in Jackson Hole, WY with Kev's brother (at his cabin) and their friends. Always fun, thanks for taking us Jeff and Maja.
My niece came along and watched Sophie one day so we could take Ry skiing. The best part was after we sent Ry home with my sis-in-law and Kev and I enjoyed some runs alone.

Jackson Hole...fabulous, not so great was the three hrs. it added onto our already 17 hr. ride home.


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

I love, love, LOVE Rylee's morning wake up face! Too cute! I also adore Soph's crazy blonde hair! Your family is just too cute!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Holy moly drive home!!! It looks like it was totally worth it!!