Friday, April 1, 2011

Rylee's bday and dragon training!

I have received e-mails from two grandpas, both requesting I update my sad looking blog. Here's a good place to start...Ry's 4th bday way back in February. Ry's favorite holiday (Valentines Day...aka Love Day) and her birthday are within a few days of each other, making it the best week of every year.

We did a combined party with Ry's best buddy Blake from Colorado who made the move to EP with us. So sparing Blake from having to have a princess party, we went with a theme from one of Ry's favorite movie, Dragon Training! Thank you TX! Where you can have a February bday outside! We trained our dragons, grilled hot dogs, and opened presents.

I had a brilliant idea to make 10 "hobby" dragons, once again way overestimating my sewing skills. These things took me forever to make. My first attempt Ry guessed was an alligator, and Kev just laughed at the sight of it (thanks for the constructive criticism). The second go they turned out better, but I'll admit I was a tad embarrassed to bust them out at the party. The kids liked them though and my shotty sewing held up until the end of the party at least!

Happy Bday Ry! I couldn't love you more.

Birthday morning. Where once again Ry was spoiled ROTTEN by all her grandmas and grandpas! Thanks!

Let the training (party) begin!

Birthday boy, girl, and little sister with their fierce (and somewhat goofy looking) dragons.

Games included racing dragons and collecting fish for them to eat (the dragons, not the kids).

Toothless the dragon cake by the birthday boys dad. I was VERY impressed.

My somewhat less impressive cookies. Viking helmets and fish...get it? You know, because vikings train dragons, and dragons eat fish. There was no way I was going to try to frost a dragon onto a cookie.

Grandpas, hope that is satisfactory!