Friday, December 18, 2009

Mullet Tribute

Ry's mullet has been giving me problems since she was born. Part of the problem is I am not the sort of mom to do my kid's hair every morning, realistically we're lucky if I do it once a week. I thought after cutting her hair it would miraculously grow into a thick luxurious hairstyle, and yet the mullet is creeping back into my life. It's a good thing the rest of her is so cute. I only hope she can one day forgive me for letting her walk around with such embarrassing hair (my favorite is the one with the pumpkin, poor kid).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Evening at the Zoo

This last frigid Saturday we went to the zoo, not to observe the animals, but to see all the awesome Christmas lights. We also rode the carousel and ate Papa Murphy's Pizza, which makes for a great night in my book.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Miracle

Ok, so it's not the warm and fuzzy sort of miracle that gives you chills...but it's pretty miraculous considering.
This was last years sad attempt at making a stocking for Ry.

The two normal looking stocking were ones we bought when we first got married. When I broke out the pathetic little one to hang up this year, Kevin laughed and said he didn't think we could even fit a present in there.

So with a little planning before actually cutting and sewing I was able to make two new stockings that at least won't cause Kev to bust up every time he looks at them. Now if only I had planned a little more when picking out the different colors of fabric all the stocking could have matched (Kev says the yellow one looks like it came straight from the 70s).

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family Pics!

Hurray! We finally found someone to take pics. of our family since the ones from when Ry was 3 months old are a tad bit outdated. Thanks go out to Becca, she was awesome to work with and didn't even appear to be slightly annoyed when my two year old was her usual sassy defiant self(check out her website if you live in Denver, and like us you don't have a family or friend who just happens to be a photographer).

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Nauvoo

We had the pleasure of spending our Thanksgiving (and my B'day) in Nauvoo where Kev's parents are on a mission. Ry couldn't get enough of Grandma and Grandpa Mc, we had a blast seeing the sights, and Sophie was her usual lumpy content self.

Wagon Ride with Jim and John (the horses)
Seeing the Sights

Hanging Around the House

My B'day (or to most people Thanksgiving) where Annette was in Charge of Feeding 240 People!

Traveling Home

Pics. of the Nauvoo temple to come, Kev was practically giddy when his parents let him use their much nicer camera. The joy and excitement in his face told me he has added it to the long list of things we want when we're out of school.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The End Is Near!!

Read the CAKE!!! If you can't then let me spell it out for you - 9 DOWN 1 TO GO- or in other words we officially only have one year of school left. Let's celebrate, well...we already celebrated, but it's worth celebrating all week long.

What are we celebrating? Plenty, Only One More Year Of:

  1. Paying Tuition
  2. Financing our groceries for the next 20 years (I guess I'm pretty excited to have an income)
  3. Waking at 2 in the morning to Mariachi music
  4. Waking at 3 in the morning to someone's pounding bass
  5. Waking at 4 in the morning to motorcycles racing down the parking lot (so ready to move out of our classy apartments)
  6. Sharing a car
  7. 10 Vacation days for 2 years

Way to go Kev, the end is in sight.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Today this one made me laugh.

She has "special" shoes, or "magic" shoes as our friend Aaron puts it. They must seem like they weigh a ton to this tiny little lump. What made me laugh was her attempt to roll over with them on (imagine rolling from your back to front with a 15 lb. snow board on). I know kids always seem funnier to their parents, but thought I would share Sophie's awkward attempt at rolling over.

Starting Position

Use every ounce of muscle under those rolls and Buddha belly to lift your abnormally heavy foot

The half way mark, which if you can make it just past this the weight of your abnormally heavy foot will do the rest

And so it ends, legs awkwardly stuck in a successful roll over position yet body is stuck somewhere between.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thank you Goodwill givers for

These (chairs)

This (trunk)

and this (frame)
also Hobby Lobby and Home Depot for the supplies needed, and Kev for your assistance, to complete my projects.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Visitors Welcomed

I love having visitors, so the invitation is out there for people to come to the fun state of Colorado and hang out with us!!

We had a fun weekend with Kev's brother and his wife, Jeff and Maja. Some of the highlights included:
All you can eat sushi
Red Robin
Garden of the God's
Visit to the Maynards

Although I don't actually have any pics. with our visitors in them, here is one they snapped of us at Garden of the God's. The best part was I had lost 20 lbs. since our last visit there.

The girls and I didn't get to go to the Steeler's game, so we hung out at home, snapping pictures, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the game on t.v.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I wasn't going to do the Halloween post....but here Grandmas and Grandpas are pics. of Ry in her Halloween costume!

And fyi for everyone...those are not a pair of jeans Kev previously owned. Those were a special Goodwill, two sizes too small, perma wedgy purchase just to be worn for Halloween 2009. Kev - you're a good sport!

We did Boo at the Zoo this year. It was fun to walk around on such a nice day and be entertained by everyone's costumes. The most original?? Probably the guy dressed as Jesus.

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Friday, October 30, 2009


Kevin didn't have to go to school yesterday because he had a SNOW DAY!! He got a day and a half off from school because Denver got dumped on. Good thing because the day he was sent home early he crashed twice on his bike (Disclaimer: I offered to pick him up), seriously...who rides their bike in a foot of snow? Here is how we spent our exciting snow day:

Dad and Ry played and shoveled...look at all that snow!

Kev and I watched a movie and had sushi and home made hot chocolate (I know...weird combo).

And Miss Sophie could care less what was going on...but she's soooo cute I had to add her picture.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sophie's New Hardware

Sophie's cast is off, but unfortunately it has been replaced by the bulkier, more annoying, more restrictive boots and bar. Kev and I don't recall the Dr. mentioning having to use the boots, let alone for two months full time, when we were talking about options...but what can you do. Last night we tried them on for the first time and they did not agree with Sophie one say she was irate would be an understatement. So we took them off, let her have a good nights sleep (9hrs. to be exact) and tried them again today. I am happy to say that they don't seem to bother her nearly as much as they did last night, so I guess I will be a good patient and comply with the Dr's. orders.