Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving in Nauvoo

We had the pleasure of spending our Thanksgiving (and my B'day) in Nauvoo where Kev's parents are on a mission. Ry couldn't get enough of Grandma and Grandpa Mc, we had a blast seeing the sights, and Sophie was her usual lumpy content self.

Wagon Ride with Jim and John (the horses)
Seeing the Sights

Hanging Around the House

My B'day (or to most people Thanksgiving) where Annette was in Charge of Feeding 240 People!

Traveling Home

Pics. of the Nauvoo temple to come, Kev was practically giddy when his parents let him use their much nicer camera. The joy and excitement in his face told me he has added it to the long list of things we want when we're out of school.


Maynards said...

What a fun trip! I bet Annette and Glenn were so excited to have you guys there.

Team Serra said...

rylee is so photogenic...i love it!

Maja said...

looks like you guys had fun. Next Stop Pocatello! Yeah!

The Seven Family said...

So glad you guys got to go and do that. Your kids are so cute. I love the pix of them. Glad you had a good birthday/Thanksgiving!!

cksoderquist said...

Happy Belated Birthday Steff!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

So close, yet so far away! I'm glad you had fun! Hope the plane ride went well! Miss you guys!