Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break in MinnesOta

Some people like to go to Hawaii for Spring Break and others like to do cruises, but we prefer the beautiful state of MinnesOta (and visiting family). During our three hour delay at the airport I figured out that Ry has traveled by airplane 14 times (15 now, post coming). Let me add a disclaimer, each one of these trips was a visit to family (even the 13 hr. plane ride to Hong Kong), but still we are very lucky to see our families so often.
MinnesOta may not be warm sunny beaches, but with the big indoor play area, Mall of America, Dim Sum, and lots of family we had a blast.
Our seasoned traveler
Sophie checking out the airplanes even though she's supposed to be napping on the dirty airport floor

Thank you Grandma Lou, we already miss you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Moustache March

Today marks the end of MOUSTACHE MARCH...thank goodness. I would get the eebie jeebies just looking at this mug.
Now imagine a whole Orthodontic office full of these creeps.
You're still handsome babe, gross moustache and all.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Colorado came through again with a beautiful sunny weekend. We loaded up the golf clubs and the kiddos and headed to the driving range.
I'm so happy Kev can golf, ski, wake board, and bike 70 miles.
This gives me hope that my kids will inherit their dad's athletic abilities and aren't doomed to be physically awkward like their mother. While I'm hoping, I might as well put it out there that it would be ideal if they got his brains too.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

Finally, a sunny warm Saturday! It makes me so excited for the summer and our fun weekend outings. Our current winter outings consist of samples and lunch at Costco (which I love), but I am ready to spend our Saturdays outdoors.
So what do you do with your two kids on a nice Saturday? You take a tour of the Coors Brewery of course. Brewing beer, pretty interesting actually, and smells a little like cat food. When they were giving out free samples I was kind of wishing we were at a juice making plant...but I don't know if they do tours.

We finished our outing with a little hike...through the snow. Ry picked some flowers and the little monkey on my back really enjoyed herself.

I can't wait until the next warm Saturday to bask in the sun. Neither can these babies.
Pasty white legs+Moustache March=one hottie who shall remain nameless

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ry's Bed...and other ramblings

Ry has been in her big bed for a while now, but it has been a work in project. It is finally complete. Well, almost complete...it is supposed to be a four poster bed, but is currently a two poster bed awaiting to be fixed by Kev (Kev-I'll pay you a dollar if you fix it! Don't laugh, this works all the time with him if I say it with enough enthusiasm). The bed is from Craigs List and Kev hates that I buy used furniture because he usually has to help me strip (the paint off)/paint/fix or do something to make them just right. I tell him to be happy that I'm cheap (or at least the used furniture I buy is cheap).
Back to the bed. It is complete as far as the bedding goes. I would love to say I did it all, but we all know I didn't. My mom, the amazingly talented sewer, made the quilt totally all on her own without any input from me (she is such a cool grandma). She helped me make the yellow duvet under the quilt, which was surprisingly easy by using two flat twin sheets, and didn't require any cutting (right up my alley). I made the pillows, which I realize are not anything fancy but still considered a big accomplishment for me since a sewing machine was involved.

My next project involves a dated dresser and desk, pale yellow paint, and new hardware. I'll give you a dollar Kev if you help me with it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

ERs, DRs, and RAD

Wow our kids go to the doctors' a lot. It's never anything major (knock on wood), but still between Ry's visits to the allergist, Sophie's visits to the orthopod, a few E.R. visits here and there, and all the routine checkups, we are no strangers to the health care system.

Saturday Ry had a normal cold. Towards the evening her breathing started to get a little fast and wheezy, but this is pretty typical for her when she's sick. We finally called the nurse line when she started grunting after each breath and were advised to call an ambulance. That seemed like a big waste of money for everyone so instead we drove the one mile to the nearest hospital.

Diagnosis -she has Bronchiolitis and something called Reactive Airway Disease (RAD). Meaning if she gets a virus it can trigger her airways to tighten making it difficult for her to get enough oxygen. This causes the wheezing, fast breathing, and her colds to last for weeks (What? That's not normal...good job mom of the year). They admitted us for two nights, gave her oxygen and a bunch of Nebulizers, and told us to see a respiratory specialist (that makes three specialists for the McMinn girls).

Times like these we are so grateful to have awesome friends. We lured the McDonoughs to our house Saturday evening with the promise of dinner and games, and instead left them with Sophie and a bunch of under cooked chicken. Please still be our friends.