Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby Cereal - yummy, yummy

It's time for...solids!

Is it normal to not be as excited to start your second kid on food? Don't get me wrong, I was mildly excited...but I was ridiculously excited with Ry. Hopefully this one's eyes won't swell shut when it's time for milk and eggs.

First time trying the slimy substance not so interested.

Second time attacked the spoon...that's my girl.

Pictures courtesy of the new camera we caved in and bought. I thought about going the next 10 mos. without one (for about 10 seconds).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Love the

Who doesn't love a good rodeo? You have all the awesome animals, which were actually looking quite pretty after being washed and I'm convinced blown dry by the looks of their fluffy coats. Then there's the actual rodeo with all those cowboys being bucked around, jumping onto calves (baby cows for you city folk), roping, and good ol' mutton bustin'. But my favorite part, which you probably all can guess, was the delicious fair like food. Where else can you get fried Oreos, fried Snickers, or fried seriously...where else can I pick one of those up (they were delicious)?
pictures courtesy of Michelle...again (thanks!).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Yurt Expedition

I'm ready to document our trip to the yurt, especially since I snagged these photos from our friends who managed to make it home with their camera still intact (Thanks Michelle!).

It's the first time I've been and it was really awesome. It was gorgeous, the mountains, the snow, and the most brilliant stars....amazing. Rylee freaked out for the first hour as only Rylee can, crying, screaming and repeatedly begging to leave. We brought out the big guns to get the situation under control, a Dora movie and Oreos. Of course the best part of camping trips is camp food (at least for me), and I was not disappointed with Dinty Moore beef stew, rolls, chex mix, hot chocolate, sausage, and pancakes.

We were a little nervous about the temperature inside the yurt plummeting after we all went to bed. In theory it sounded like a good idea to pack the stove with as much wood as possible, keeping you warmer and allowing you to sleep longer before you had to wake up and add more wood. In practice this created an inferno and rocketed the temperature of the yurt to 100 degrees (there was a thermometer inside), making it practically impossible to sleep.

We had a great time, even Rylee. Snow shoeing was fun, the food was delicious, our friends are awesome, and Colorado is beautiful.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back from the Yurt - Cameraless

We made it back from our trip to the yurt...well we almost all made it back. Unfortunately the camera is probably somewhere by the trail we were snow shoeing on. I have no one to blame but myself since I was wearing the baby carrier with the pocket holding the camera. I would post more...but I'm too sad from writing about the camera and how dumb I am. Later.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Preview of Our Weekend

Here are a few things my weekend has in store for me...

this place
and a couple of kids that look like this

Wish me luck, and if you don't hear from me call search and rescue!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Big Baby

I've been noticing a trend in some of the pics. I've posted lately, so I went back and took a look and sure enough there is definitely something weird going on.

Why is my child covering her ears in all these pics?? Because trains, carousels, and wagon rides are extremely scary to all two year olds right? Add to that list Dora movies (actually any movie), Santa Clause (which causes a full fledge panic attack), and anything that produces a somewhat loud noise. I love my weird kid.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Two Week Hiatus!

One of the perks of being a full time student - the two week Christmas Break! We packed everything up and headed out as soon as Kev got out of school and braced ourselves for the long car ride...hence the 2 liter Mtn. Dew.

The Sunday before Christmas all dolled up, well at least the girls not so much. I love how Ry has to put a head lock on Sophie in order to hold her.

Christmas Morning!! This pic totally captures the joy on Ry's face as she runs towards me wanting to show me a sweater she got in her easy to please.

The rest are pics. of everyone enjoying the spoils of Christmas day. It was so awesome to spend those two weeks with family. Some other highlights of the trip included:

  1. McMinn reunion (with all 19.5 grandkids but minus Grandma and Grandpa who are on a mission)
  2. Two trips to the movie theater
  3. Lots of hours on the Wii with my sister-in-law
  4. Lunch with old friends
  5. Lots of Grandma Lou time for Ry
  6. Many nights of games
  7. and as always delicious food that I didn't have to make