Saturday, November 27, 2010


I had to share these gems with everyone. It's too precious to keep to myself.
This past Thursday three precious babies joined my Chow side of the fam. My brother and his wife had a new baby girl, Chloe, AND my dad and his wife had twins, Lila and Ethan! I think it's incredible and wish I could hold each one of them.
Congratulations fam! I love you all!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Class of 2010

Kev's graduation was last night. This has been a long time coming (10 years and 3 months to be exact), and it feels SOOOO good to be done. Congratulations Dr. McMinn, I'm so proud of you, so much that I'm even laying off the fake Dr. jokes. You did it!

The newest crop of University of Colorado Orthodontists.

And the supporting cast, I think there were 10 babies born during the Ortho residency to these awesome women (yes I'm awesome)!


The El Paso, TX crew. All five families will keep the partying going on down south.

Pre Graduation pics. This was a big night, I even busted out the makeup. Pretty sad when your nearly 4 year old keeps saying "mom, you look different", and "what's that green color on top of your eyes?". Surely I have worn make up in the past 4 yrs.

So giddy to be done. It's not very often you graduate from student life and start your first real job at 31.
I'm still giddy.

Love you Kev

Friday, November 12, 2010

rock star

I am not a hair mom. I don't have the slightest clue how to do my own hair, let alone my girl's. Almost every time we are out in public I have a moment where I look at Ry and Sophie's hair and think, I am officially one of those moms. The one with the kids that have bed hair at noon and breakfast crusted onto their faces. Couple Sundays ago Sophie woke up with some rock star hair and instead of a lame attempt at trying to tame it, we went with it...and it was actually an improvement from her normal do.

At least it's better than what her sister went through at that age (who does that to their kid?).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i do declare...

there has been a murder

Our awesome friends the McDonoughs hosted a murder mystery dinner.
Let me set the stage before we introduce the suspects.
It's 1940 on a train to Paris.

We have the ladies
The journalist, socialite, dress designer, princess

and the gents.
la duke, gangsta, business man, pilot

Getting in character. I was sold on the shoulder pads of that dress...they were awesome!

We enjoyed an elegant dinner and there was a lot of giggling.
Such a fun night, I was awful at playing my part which is too bad because guess who done it!?

Yours truly.