Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i do declare...

there has been a murder

Our awesome friends the McDonoughs hosted a murder mystery dinner.
Let me set the stage before we introduce the suspects.
It's 1940 on a train to Paris.

We have the ladies
The journalist, socialite, dress designer, princess

and the gents.
la duke, gangsta, business man, pilot

Getting in character. I was sold on the shoulder pads of that dress...they were awesome!

We enjoyed an elegant dinner and there was a lot of giggling.
Such a fun night, I was awful at playing my part which is too bad because guess who done it!?

Yours truly.


cksoderquist said...

How Fun! Oh and I luv the shoulder pads!

Lilit said...

This is absolutely hilarious!!!! love it!

Heather said...

Well you two look fabulous, so I wouldn't feel bad about your performance! How fun!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

The shoulder pads really do make the dress and Kev looks snazzy with that scarf! I'm not surprised that it was you who done it! ;)

Kassidy and Adam said...

K!! you are sooo cute!! i can't beleive you have had two kids you look great!! sounds like a fun night!

Ang said...

That is so awesome!! You guys are adorable...and I love to shoulder pads too. So FUN!!

Janelle said...

Love it! You really went all out on the costumes! We were invited to a murder mystery party and I could not get Rob excited about getting into character. You look amazing - just missing the tiara! :)