Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dresser Face Lift

I mentioned earlier about a dresser I wanted to freshen up with some paint. I finally got to it and am pretty pleased with the outcome. I love refinishing or painting old furniture, it takes absolutely no skill or talent (unlike photography and sewing...talents I would love and long for).

Here's the dresser (it was Kev's before we tied the knot).

And the girlier, freshly painted dresser with it's white milk glass handles.

Friday, April 23, 2010

8 Month Sophie

8 month Sophie is completely different from 6 month Sophie.
Primary difference being free range of the house.
I find her staring longingly up the stairs, pushing all our soaps and shampoos into the bathtub, and sticking dirt. leaves. rubber bands. and sometimes food into her mouth (keeping choking hazards off the ground...a lot more difficult with a 3 year old running loose).
She now has an aversion to toys but loves power cords and paper.
She's looking more and more like a McMinn (I think it's the ears).
Her favorite person is still Ry.
So independent. So adventurous. So different from her sister.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Allergy Check Up

Today we had our annual trip to the allergist and asthma specialist for Ry. I absolutely dread these appointments and ask (ok beg) Kev to go in my place, it is so traumatizing for me.

What it entails:

Putting a full body bind on Ry so that the nurse can prick her with 30 different scratch tests causing welts and hives to form all over her back.

Trying to hold it together as Ry pleads through her sobs "I want daddy" and "no more pokies".

Watching movies and bribing her with marshmallows to forgive me for doing this to her.

The results:

She is one allergic kid (the first words from the doc when she enters the room).

Add to her existing list of allergies (milk, egg, and peanuts) trees, grass and weeds.

Apparently she has Asthma, which explains why she's had a "cough" since January.

Can't do a post without a pic.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Who's the baby here?
It's not the one sucking her thumb, holding her blanky, hanging out in the exersaucer.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time to baby proof, this ones gone mobile.
The carrot we dangled...Big Sister and a couple of spoons.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Am I too Late?

Easter has come and gone but know we were thinking of our friends and family, hoping they were enjoying this special holiday.
Do you ever feel like you have been so busy and that is why your house is in shambles and your "Happy Easter" post is late? Then I reflect back on the past couple days and can't recall what exactly made them busy, and I am resigned to the fact I just am not a very efficient person.
Back to Easter - Ry did two Easter Egg hunts. The first one was not documented with pics. because she outright refused to participate, but the second one she decided candy was worth hunting for and had a fun time.
Easter Baskets Easter Morn.
I have a hard time expressing the more serious feelings in the form of a blog post. But I know why we celebrate Easter and I'm really grateful for Him.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Business, and a Little Pleasure

Eight months. That's how long we have left being full time students. I'm so excited, and a tad stressed at the same time. I'm excited for us to join the rest of the grown ups who have actual jobs, and a little stressed about finding said job but more specifically choosing a place to live (possibly forever, yikes!). That said, we headed to Washington and Oregon to check things out and look for practices (at last).

This is Ry's favorite part of traveling, "riding" the suitcase.

Most of our time was spent looking for practices. Our kids were such troopers. We probably logged over 10 hrs. in the car and spent our four nights in three different cities. We did manage to fit in a few fun stops and see some really great friends along the way.

Point Defiance Park in Washington. Yes my baby is eating a rock, and yes that's gross

Pike's Place Market

Stopped at the Chocolate Factory by Pike's Place Market, Kev went in with Ry and she came out with this. I thought Kev had lost his mind and forgotten our kid will go into anaphylactic shock if she consumes dairy (usually found in chocolate). Well thanks to the Vegans out there, Ry can enjoy her first chocolate covered anything (pretzel). This girl was dancing with excitement.

Took a short hike to this awesome waterfall near Salem, OR.

No decisions have been made, but I loved both Washington and Oregon. The trees were covered with blooms, everything was covered with vibrant green moss, green green everywhere. What a contrast when you come from a state that has green two months of the year.