Friday, April 2, 2010

Business, and a Little Pleasure

Eight months. That's how long we have left being full time students. I'm so excited, and a tad stressed at the same time. I'm excited for us to join the rest of the grown ups who have actual jobs, and a little stressed about finding said job but more specifically choosing a place to live (possibly forever, yikes!). That said, we headed to Washington and Oregon to check things out and look for practices (at last).

This is Ry's favorite part of traveling, "riding" the suitcase.

Most of our time was spent looking for practices. Our kids were such troopers. We probably logged over 10 hrs. in the car and spent our four nights in three different cities. We did manage to fit in a few fun stops and see some really great friends along the way.

Point Defiance Park in Washington. Yes my baby is eating a rock, and yes that's gross

Pike's Place Market

Stopped at the Chocolate Factory by Pike's Place Market, Kev went in with Ry and she came out with this. I thought Kev had lost his mind and forgotten our kid will go into anaphylactic shock if she consumes dairy (usually found in chocolate). Well thanks to the Vegans out there, Ry can enjoy her first chocolate covered anything (pretzel). This girl was dancing with excitement.

Took a short hike to this awesome waterfall near Salem, OR.

No decisions have been made, but I loved both Washington and Oregon. The trees were covered with blooms, everything was covered with vibrant green moss, green green everywhere. What a contrast when you come from a state that has green two months of the year.


Megan and TJ said...

I think both places are awesome! My brother an his wife absolutely love Seattle Washington. Good luck!

Maja said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun in between the practice searching. Yay for Rylee getting chocolate. Also your pictures are so good. I love the close up of Sophie chewing on the string. Again I ask when are you coming to see me?

melanie said...

zach and i are very jealous that you only have 8 months left! We are ready to be done. But we are not ready to have to find practices and decide where to live forever, those are HUGE decisions! Good luck, i'm excited to see where you end up!

Becky said...

Oh Stef,
I'm so jealous, congratulations to you guys! That is so exciting you will finally be able to settle down and actually have an income. So far in the future for us. Keep us updated! Can't wait to find out where you decide to go.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

I vote Seattle!! We love that city and would visit OFTEN!! Oh wait, we need to be invited first!

Tish said...

That is so awesome that Ry got her chocolate covered pretzel!

Chelle and Aaron said...

So pretty. Move up there so we can come visit. :)

Janelle said...

Maybe if you moved to Washington, I could convince Rob that we should move back too. I have been trying to convince him ever since we left but he loves Pocatello and I guess it will always be home. :)

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

I still vote for Bellingham! I'm not kidding when I say that would seal the deal for us!!! Glad you had fun and it was good to see you!