Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Am I too Late?

Easter has come and gone but know we were thinking of our friends and family, hoping they were enjoying this special holiday.
Do you ever feel like you have been so busy and that is why your house is in shambles and your "Happy Easter" post is late? Then I reflect back on the past couple days and can't recall what exactly made them busy, and I am resigned to the fact I just am not a very efficient person.
Back to Easter - Ry did two Easter Egg hunts. The first one was not documented with pics. because she outright refused to participate, but the second one she decided candy was worth hunting for and had a fun time.
Easter Baskets Easter Morn.
I have a hard time expressing the more serious feelings in the form of a blog post. But I know why we celebrate Easter and I'm really grateful for Him.