Monday, December 27, 2010

we're baaaack

So this past month we have started earning a living for the first time, moved south to the border, logged over 27 hrs. in the car (with our 2 kiddos), and a few other things here and there....all without the internet! So I'm starting from the beginning folks, with one of the most important days of the year.
Birthday happened to be moving day so the house was empty and the presents were put in grocery sacks, but Kev was spot on with the gifts.

The book was from my in-laws, and the power sander and staple gun from my smart hubby (aren't they lovely?). The tools have already been put to good use.

Since we were moving Thanksgiving week I was excused from making the big dinner. Instead we went to Maggianos (an Italian restaurant) with Kev's parents, and it was AMAZING! Even more kids sat through the 3 hr. meal and I was able to enjoy every bit of it.

The next day we left Colorado to move to our new home in Texas. It was bittersweet to leave a place that we loved so much, but it helped that Kev had just graduated and would be working for the first time in our 6 year marriage.

After all those hikes and camp outs, I still always considered myself more of a city girl who had married a mountain man. But it was painful leaving those beautiful mountains behind.

Goodbye amazing weather, goodbye green grass and all other forms of plant life, goodbye beautiful wild flowers and amazing hikes, goodbye pretty streams and mountain lakes, of course goodbye good friends (and goodbye skiing, you will be missed by Kev).