Friday, December 18, 2009

Mullet Tribute

Ry's mullet has been giving me problems since she was born. Part of the problem is I am not the sort of mom to do my kid's hair every morning, realistically we're lucky if I do it once a week. I thought after cutting her hair it would miraculously grow into a thick luxurious hairstyle, and yet the mullet is creeping back into my life. It's a good thing the rest of her is so cute. I only hope she can one day forgive me for letting her walk around with such embarrassing hair (my favorite is the one with the pumpkin, poor kid).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An Evening at the Zoo

This last frigid Saturday we went to the zoo, not to observe the animals, but to see all the awesome Christmas lights. We also rode the carousel and ate Papa Murphy's Pizza, which makes for a great night in my book.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Miracle

Ok, so it's not the warm and fuzzy sort of miracle that gives you chills...but it's pretty miraculous considering.
This was last years sad attempt at making a stocking for Ry.

The two normal looking stocking were ones we bought when we first got married. When I broke out the pathetic little one to hang up this year, Kevin laughed and said he didn't think we could even fit a present in there.

So with a little planning before actually cutting and sewing I was able to make two new stockings that at least won't cause Kev to bust up every time he looks at them. Now if only I had planned a little more when picking out the different colors of fabric all the stocking could have matched (Kev says the yellow one looks like it came straight from the 70s).

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Family Pics!

Hurray! We finally found someone to take pics. of our family since the ones from when Ry was 3 months old are a tad bit outdated. Thanks go out to Becca, she was awesome to work with and didn't even appear to be slightly annoyed when my two year old was her usual sassy defiant self(check out her website if you live in Denver, and like us you don't have a family or friend who just happens to be a photographer).