Saturday, September 25, 2010

Berry Patch Farms

There is something truly satisfying about picking fresh fruits (or veggies) and eating them...right there on the spot. The girls and I met up with some friends and went a picking (strawberries and raspberries).

This place was really cute, where else can you get in line for strawberry rides?

Tractor ride. Ry and her good buddies, Ethan and Blake.

Time for picking! Picking berries with Sophie on the loose was a little rough. I think the girl ate a whole strawberry plant. She does not care if a berry is red or white (or mushy brown), or if the stem and leaves are still all goes in the mouth. She was pretty excited for the strawberry free for all.

picking, picking, and more picking.

I could sit on a porch in rocking chairs eating our spoils all day.
Unfortunately we downed our berries by lunch time and Kev got to hear how delicious they were, but did not get to taste any. So we took him with us the next time we went.

So good. Too bad they are already about gone.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taste of Colorado

I knew this evening would be fun:
1. we were meeting some of our favorite people (from Dental School), the Reids
2. the night was all about food and lots of it
Now if I hadn't wolfed down the delicious beignets, gyro, pierogies, and funnel cake I might have had time to take pics. of the goods.

There was a salsa band, which Ry and Dillon were really feeling because they were shaking their bootays.

One of the people I still to this day miss from our days in the Burgh.

Carni rides. Wonder how many people get hurt on these?
Ry thought they were a little too scary, which was fine with me because that meant we had enough tickets for a funnel cake instead.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Labor Day

This Labor Day weekend we found ourselves on the beautiful beaches of North Carolina. Warm ocean water, good friends, hours of card games, chasing crabs during dark, boarding, Mike's Farm all you can eat home cooking, a beautiful house right on the beach...
ok, not really.
That was our Labor Day tradition during dental school (3 yrs. in a row), and one of the many things I miss about living in the East.
Back to the present. This Labor Day guess where we went...any guesses?? The mountains (surprise!). Sarcasm aside. We went camping and took a guest. Grandma came to town which made Ry love camping even more.
It was chilly at night but we all managed to stay bundled and warm. We also went on an unplanned 3.5 hr. hike basically sans water, food, and Ry's carrier. The little water we had lasted the first hour, which is about how long we expected to go. By the end I felt a bit delirious, and Ry cried that night because her "legs really hurt".
It was fun, and of course the food was delicious as always. The next time we vacate the city though please let there be an ocean (and all you can eat home made Pittsburghers?).

Look at this mug. I tried to keep her clean for about a min. and then let nature take its course.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Hi, my name is Stefanie and I am an ice cream addict.
It is a serious weakness which I battle with every day. Sometimes I make it to the evening without giving in (when we are out of the stuff), but most the time I cave in and indulge in a few spoon fulls during the girls' nap time (and then a full bowl after their bedtime).
This summer I took my addiction to the next level...home made ice cream.
Here are a few of the flavors we tried.
First up...chocolate almond ice cream (delicious)
paired with apple crisp (I am actually a sweets addict)
next up...strawberry cheesecake ice cream (delightful)

and last my all time favorite...drum roll please.
candied pecans +home made ice cream=heaven (in the form of buttered pecan ice cream)

The only thing that would make this addiction sweeter is if I could share it with this cutie, but sorbet will have to do for this girl.
Notice the rosie glow? Ry decided to get into grandma's make up...looks like she learned her make up applying skills from her mama.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vacationing in Poky

We took our traditional trip to Poky during Kev's school break (our very last school break...woot woot). The girls LOVED seeing Grandma, and we crammed in some fun.

Grandma Lou did her thing and made the girls adorable matching dresses. I wish I could have inherited the sewing gene.

Celebrated Sophie's birthday. I had dreams of a beautiful party spread, but I lacked the motivation and energy to tackle it. Instead my mom made the cake and birthday dinner...yeah for moms.

Hiking with cousins

...and boating

Happened to be in town while Extreme Home Makeover was doing an episode. I ran into/stalked my favorite bachelorette (and new best friend) of all time...Jillian! She'll remember me as the one with the kid who was picking her nose...nice.

Fit in a round of golf (also a tradition...cramming in a years worth of dates since Grandma offers to babysit).

golfing partners

Good times.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

McMinn Reunion 2010

-August 2010-

Our trip to Idaho just happened to coincide with a reunion with all of Kev's siblings. We're so thankful we got to spend time with the McMinns (and Campbells) on this trip, and thanks to Janelle and Rob for planning!

McMinn Reunion Day 1
Pizza at the park and an extra large slip and slide was the highlight of the day for the kids (and also Rob and Kevin...who I think enjoyed it more). Ry was not a big fan, one time down was good for her. After that she stayed at the top to cheer for the other kids willing to brave the extreme slide.
In the evening we roasted marshmallows, ate smores (mmm...smores), and enjoyed a couple games of Mafia.

Seriously, Kev was on the verge of shoving the little ones out of the way so he could have his turn.

We are missing a few but to date there are 20 McMinn grand kids (soon to be 21 this month).

Gorgeous nieces
McMinn Reunion Day 2
The day began with a tasty waffle breakfast for the moms and kiddos, while the dads enjoyed 18 holes of golf. After the 5 hr. golf game we all met up for a delicious BBQ (once again I'm finding food to be the highlight of my post).
Next it was off to Uncle Jeff's office for some orthodontic work for two of the nephews (Ry has sworn off braces after seeing the pain it caused), an unconventional activity for a reunion.
We finished the reunion with some mini golf, which I am apparently as awful at as I am at regular golf.

Good looking group of kids

We missed you Grandpa and Grandma Mc! But I'm so thankful you are setting an example of service as missionaries to my kids.