Sunday, September 5, 2010

McMinn Reunion 2010

-August 2010-

Our trip to Idaho just happened to coincide with a reunion with all of Kev's siblings. We're so thankful we got to spend time with the McMinns (and Campbells) on this trip, and thanks to Janelle and Rob for planning!

McMinn Reunion Day 1
Pizza at the park and an extra large slip and slide was the highlight of the day for the kids (and also Rob and Kevin...who I think enjoyed it more). Ry was not a big fan, one time down was good for her. After that she stayed at the top to cheer for the other kids willing to brave the extreme slide.
In the evening we roasted marshmallows, ate smores (mmm...smores), and enjoyed a couple games of Mafia.

Seriously, Kev was on the verge of shoving the little ones out of the way so he could have his turn.

We are missing a few but to date there are 20 McMinn grand kids (soon to be 21 this month).

Gorgeous nieces
McMinn Reunion Day 2
The day began with a tasty waffle breakfast for the moms and kiddos, while the dads enjoyed 18 holes of golf. After the 5 hr. golf game we all met up for a delicious BBQ (once again I'm finding food to be the highlight of my post).
Next it was off to Uncle Jeff's office for some orthodontic work for two of the nephews (Ry has sworn off braces after seeing the pain it caused), an unconventional activity for a reunion.
We finished the reunion with some mini golf, which I am apparently as awful at as I am at regular golf.

Good looking group of kids

We missed you Grandpa and Grandma Mc! But I'm so thankful you are setting an example of service as missionaries to my kids.


James and Tricia Thomas said...

Looks like so much fun!!! That slide is awesome!!!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Kevin is just a big kid! We've always known and loved that about him! Glad you had fun!