Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taste of Colorado

I knew this evening would be fun:
1. we were meeting some of our favorite people (from Dental School), the Reids
2. the night was all about food and lots of it
Now if I hadn't wolfed down the delicious beignets, gyro, pierogies, and funnel cake I might have had time to take pics. of the goods.

There was a salsa band, which Ry and Dillon were really feeling because they were shaking their bootays.

One of the people I still to this day miss from our days in the Burgh.

Carni rides. Wonder how many people get hurt on these?
Ry thought they were a little too scary, which was fine with me because that meant we had enough tickets for a funnel cake instead.


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

That was SO stinking fun! That's why we get along so well...we both love us some food! ;) You're family is adorable and we continue to miss you guys as well!

Maja said...

I am so gealous! Of the food and the friends.

Annette said...

Great picture of you and Kristen!
So fun to be with good friends.

Tish said...

Oh my gosh!!! The girls look so grown up! How tall is Rylee now? She's so cute. Jade was watching the video of them in the bath the other night, just cracking up and talking about "cousin rylee". Miss you! Also, that food sounds so yum.

triciathomas said...

Sounds awesome!!! I wanna come!