Monday, November 23, 2009

The End Is Near!!

Read the CAKE!!! If you can't then let me spell it out for you - 9 DOWN 1 TO GO- or in other words we officially only have one year of school left. Let's celebrate, well...we already celebrated, but it's worth celebrating all week long.

What are we celebrating? Plenty, Only One More Year Of:

  1. Paying Tuition
  2. Financing our groceries for the next 20 years (I guess I'm pretty excited to have an income)
  3. Waking at 2 in the morning to Mariachi music
  4. Waking at 3 in the morning to someone's pounding bass
  5. Waking at 4 in the morning to motorcycles racing down the parking lot (so ready to move out of our classy apartments)
  6. Sharing a car
  7. 10 Vacation days for 2 years

Way to go Kev, the end is in sight.


Maja said...

Way to celebrate! Thos elittle things get us through don't they. You guys can make it. while we were in school I thought it was never going to end. Now I can't believe we have been done for over 3 years. Now we are just counting down until things are paid off. Lets hope it goes by fast for both of us. Miss you. have fun in Nauvoo!

Maynards said...

Hip hip Hooray! One year will fly by. Enjoy the cake!

cksoderquist said...

YOu guys are so lucky! congrats! I hope we can hang out when you come home again.

Janelle said...

That is exciting! You can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do you know what you are going to be when you grow up? Just kidding! It is hard to imagine what you will do when you are done when all you know is school! We can't wait to see you at Christmas! :)

Dad, Mom, and babies said...

you're funny. I'm jealous. You are a good wife, I should celebrate those fun occasions more often!!

Tish said...

oooo....I see you sprung for a bottle of the good stuff! yay, one more year! we'll just be one year behind you.

The Seven Family said...

Congrats!! We totally understand getting to the last year!! It is so worth it in the end though - you'll never regret it! Now, we look back and remember those times as some of the best of our lives! You can do it!!