Friday, November 20, 2009

Today this one made me laugh.

She has "special" shoes, or "magic" shoes as our friend Aaron puts it. They must seem like they weigh a ton to this tiny little lump. What made me laugh was her attempt to roll over with them on (imagine rolling from your back to front with a 15 lb. snow board on). I know kids always seem funnier to their parents, but thought I would share Sophie's awkward attempt at rolling over.

Starting Position

Use every ounce of muscle under those rolls and Buddha belly to lift your abnormally heavy foot

The half way mark, which if you can make it just past this the weight of your abnormally heavy foot will do the rest

And so it ends, legs awkwardly stuck in a successful roll over position yet body is stuck somewhere between.


Pitcherpost said...

Those magic shoes looking quite uncomfortable! I'm sure she just loves wearing them. Hopefully not for too long?

I LOVE those chairs you have around your kitchen table, I love how they are all slightly different, but finished the same, what a cute idea. Also, I love the table decor, do those come apart so you can change out the decorations? Where did you get those?

Tish said...

Poor little doll. She does well though. That first picture of her makes me think of derek zoolander.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

You crack me up! I love it! Poor Sophie, to have a Mommy that laughs at her rather than help her! ;) I need my McMinn fix! Can anyone help me over there?

The Seven Family said...

Good for her! She has a lot of willpower! Adorable too - as usual!