Sunday, January 16, 2011

it's christmas. all over. again.

Christmas was a CRAZY time for us here in El Paso. It was so nice to have Christmas decorations that filled our empty house. We also enjoyed all those fun Christmas activities (many of which revolve around baked goods), getting to go to Idaho to visit our families, and telling the story of Jesus' birth every FHE for a month straight.
We did miss delivering and receiving all those Christmas goodies on our doorstep (we miss you Denver people).
Something new this Christmas was Kev's company's formal Christmas party. 1. We get to get all gussied up. 2. We get a night of eating and dancing without the kiddos. 3. Some of our closest friends work for the same company so we got to bust a move with these cool people.

Don't let this pic. fool you....I have MAD moves on the dance floor (even though Kev compared me to Elaine Benes from Seinfeld in this pic...rude).
Also, my favorite part of El Paso are these women. They also came from Colorado and they are the best. They have saved me from many days of crying over loneliness.

This was our first year of making "ginger bread/graham cracker" houses (actually a house). We gave it our best, but it was pretty sad looking. Got to love kids though, they thought we were the coolest parents...something about all the candy you could eat.

The finished product (complete with a flower garden).

Kev was unimpressed with my last minute addition (a bridge).

The next day when it was suspiciously quite, I came out to the kitchen to find Ry had managed to move the house from the counter to the table...and proceeded to make a meal of it.

And let's not forget Christmas cookies. We had every intention of delivering these to our neighbors, but I wanted Kev to go with me (due to a slight language barrier), and we just never had a night that we downed all these little girls and boys ourselves.


Riggs Familia said...

fancy fun!
me jealous.

Misner Family said...

How fun, and I love your dress! I wish we had somewhere fancy to go ;)

Tish said...

Those pictures remind me of when we tore up the dance floor at your dad's wedding! Good times!

Annette said...

Stef - you do such a great job of blogging! Keep it up!!!!!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

You look so beautiful in your fancy dress! I miss cuttin a rug with you!