Saturday, January 15, 2011


Got all my pics. back and am ready to post. So this is a flashback, not to the 80s or anything cool, but to our week in limbo during our move. We had a week to kill before we could move into our house so we took our time touring New Mexico and all its glory.
First stop-Taos, NM.
Enjoyed Swimming, celebrating my birthday in the hotel with cupcakes and Ben and Jerrys. We even found some snow and skied on it. Well, Kev and Ry skied while Soph and I hung out in the lodge.

Also found this little Native American restaurant and had ourselves some fry bread with choke cherry sauce...AMAZING!

So cute. So tired.

Second stop-Santa Fe, NM
Saw Tangled, toured down town Santa Fe, and checked out some cool Mexican furniture stores.
Pretty cool, but next time we move I vote we kill time at Disneyland!

Finally we have arrived (and yes...Ry is wearing moon boots).


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Dang, we should've syncronized our trips! We just did the same thing a few weeks ago! Missing you guys!