Saturday, February 5, 2011

even in texas

Even Texas is feeling the effects of the big storm system. The difference between EP (el paso) and the rest of the country is the city of EP is apparently not equipped to fall below 20 degrees. So the all time single digit record lows put the city in a frenzy. So what happens in EP when the temps dip into freezing and a few flurries dust the street....
City generators break down causing rolling black outs
Businesses close their doors (including the gym and chick-fil-a)
Schools are canceled
Streets and interstates are closed
Just about everyone's pipes burst guaranteeing employment for every plumber in EP (post to come)

Ry misses the snow, so when she ran into our room around 4:30am exclaiming "there's snow out my window!" I think she was pretty thrilled. We broke out the snow clothes, and I watched the excitement from inside my toasty house.

Remember this Denver post? Funny how those snow days in Denver cause less damage than this "snow day" in EP....
On a side not...yes Ry is still wearing the same snow clothes from 2009.