Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rylee's first casualty

Now that I'm posting this, I'm surprised Rylee hasn't caused any serious damage to our stuff until now. This is not as bad as it sounds. Today Ry was playing with my glasses, normally we immediately take those away from her, but she was being cute and just putting them on and grinning. However, as I was doing my hair in our bathroom I heard Kev say from our bedroom ", no, no. Look, you broke mom's glasses." Sure enough, when I looked out she had busted of the ear piece on one side.

What makes this story a little 'funnier' is that just yesterday I went to the DMV to get a Colorado license. After waiting there for 3 hours. (yes 3 hours of me and Ry sitting in the same room waiting for our number to be called) I finally was seen by the DMV employee and we began the process of getting my license. One of the lasts steps was for me to take the eye test. To my horror, when I pressed my face against the greasy head piece, I couldn't make out a single letter (for those of you who drive with me probably aren't surprised, I really should wear my glasses at all times). I forgot to bring my glasses with me, and I couldn't proceed until I passed the eye test. The lady there was really nice, and kept encouraging me to try to make out the letters, otherwise I was left with the option to go home, come back with my glasses, and wait again. Amazingly, and I'm sure this was a blessing, the fourth time I attempted to see the letters they were clear and I passed. I vowed there and then to wear my glasses while driving.

That was a long way to say I just committed to wear my glasses more, they are now broken, and we do not have vision insurance. I might be sporting some taped glasses for the next few years!!


Anonymous said...

So funny!! HEY, You should post a pic of you wearing your glasses all tapped up.

Your DMV story sounds just like mine, except I never made it to the eye test. I guess you have to pass the computer part first. At least you walked away with something, your drivers licence. I walked away with an embarrassed smile on my face.

Hours in the DMV with a crabby baby and nothing to show for it, Priceless.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Yep, that sounds like the CO DMV. Next time, make sure you get there like 10 mins. before it opens! You really should post a pic of your taped glasses. I think in addition to taping the earpiece you should tape between the lenses, on the bridge of your nose...just to look even nerdier! ha ha What a little stinker Rylee is!

Mrs_taterh8r said...

those toddlers sure have a way of embarrassing us, making us mad and then having us love them, kiss them, hug them, instead of spanking their bums. Being so cute must be a survival mechanism. Taylor was using her survival skills at church today. I left early with her. :/ Only 2 weeks until nursery.

Matt and Amy said...

Steph~ Hey I'm so glad you found our blog. Your little girl adorable!! They are pretty close in age. Grant is almost 15 months. How are you guys? So do you guys live in Colorado now?

Josh & Lyndi said...

We have had glasses get broken at our house and don't even have a child yet... We are so glad that you found us on here and are excited to keep up with the daily happenings! Rylee is about the cutest thing I have ever seen.