Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rylee: 1 Nursery: 0
This Sunday was our first attempt at leaving Rylee in nursery by herself. We'd been hanging out with her in nursery the past couple weeks, and thought she was ready to give it a go on her own....wrong! As I sat listening at the door, I about started crying listening to her panic, frantically saying 'up/down please' (meaning she wanted out). I wanted to bust down the door, hug Ry, and ruin all progress made (which I don't believe any progress was made). I waited it out though, and the meshing of Ry and nursery was unsuccessful, and the nursery worker had to bring a sad sad Ry out to me. Who knows what to do now, hopefully it will just take a little more time.

We got annual passes to the zoo here and it's such a great way to get Rylee out of the house. We've gone first thing in the morning, when there's hardly anybody there, and it's fun for Ry to just meander around. A nice employee at the zoo gave Ry a peacock feather, and that was the highlight of her trip.

One thing I have come to love about Denver are the bike trails. We have a great bike trail right by our apartment, so that is a pretty regular evening activity for us. It goes by this great park that Ry loves, so the pics. are of Ry at the park, and the last one is of her a different evening after our bike ride. She was pretty tired and laid on the floor as soon as she walked in the house. Just to clarify, it was chilly outside so that is why she is wearing a dress, sweatshirt, sweatpants, and slippers.

Meet your new Den Mothers
That's right, Kev and I have been called as Den Mothers in our ward (Kevin insists on being called a Den leader). We're excited to be doing this together. I already have it all worked out, Kev is going to teach the lessons, and I'm going to provide the treats (and then they will like me the best)!

And I saved our most exciting news for last....we are not expecting, but we are going to Pocatello for Thanksgiving!!! I'll be flying in the Saturday before Thanksgiving and Kev will drive that Wednesday. We're so excited to see our families, and I have to say I have somehow managed to go another year without having to prepare a Thankgiving meal!


Anonymous said...

Rylee and Lily would have so much fun together! That's too bad about nursery. Lily was the same way and they finally called me and Luke to be in there and that SUCKS!!! Now we regret ever sitting in there with her! But if you just got called to be den mothers, I think you are safe. Cute blog and cute pics of Ry

Maja said...

Yeah, we are so excited! Only 2 more months give or take a couple of weeks. Can't wait to see you guys. I think you can cook the dinner if you want to.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Don't worry too much about nursery, it will come with time. Ry will just have to find one of the workers to latch onto for support. You're pretty sneaky though, making me think that you're preggers only to follow up by saying you're going to ID...very tricky! Ry is adorable and I absolutely can't wait to see you guys! Only about 8 days left (ha ha Maja)!
p.s. Love the pics! So cute!

Harris said...

I can't get over Rylee's eyes- she is gorgeous. What a cute little family. I was so excited to get your blog address. It looks like you have had a busy summer. We had nursery drama for what seemed like forever. Then one day it was over and he decided he was ok!! Good luck in Denver- We were there about a month ago.

Jill said...

Cute pictures stef! I love playing the treat card so kids like me better too!! genius!

Annette said...

Glad the rain quit so you could enjoy the camping!
It made me sad to hear about Rylee's bee sting. Those darn things really hurt!!
Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!!!!!djbwy