Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I realize my posts don't have much 'meat' to them, they're mostly just a means to post pics. so those who are interested (basically grandmas and grandpas) can see Ry grow. Anyways, my good friend from Pittsburgh is here visiting her fam and I'm so happy we've been able to hang out!! Her little girl, Dillon, and Ry are good little buddies and are so cute together. They're 5 weeks apart and have been best buds since the day Dillon was born.

Here's Ry helping me clean the floor, she's pretend spraying the floor with some soap and then wiping it up. I hope she keeps this up, and I'll be putting her to work in no time!

Last Friday we went to a Rockies game, which was really fun. Ry did great for being out so late, and I enjoyed the excuse to eat Red Vines and M&Ms all night.

We also went to Oktoberfest in Denver. I thought this would be similar to the Fall Festival we've gone to in Pittsburgh, but apparently it's an old German tradition that is all about beer. It wasn't a total loss though, the funnel cake Kev and I shared was completely worth the trip.

This week we've been stuck home more because Ry has had some flu bug, and has been getting sick on my carpet, in her carseat, and her crib. Yuck.


Matt, Amy, and Grant said...

She is so cute!! Sorry i'm not the best at responding. We are doing great and Matt is doing really well in school. He isn't sure what he wants to do. He says he will have to wait for more clinic to decide if he wants to specialize and in what. However we're keeping options open and I'm just planning on 6 more years of school :) Do you guys want to go back to Pocatello?

Anonymous said...

I love to see all of your pics!!

Ya know, If you stay positive and clean with your kids, they will keep it up. My kids will help me on a dime! They help whenever I ask, without complaining. I also do not put them to work and tell them they did it wrong. This is the way I grew up (or so it seemed). I hated to clean, I was always introuble for not doing a good enough job! With my kids I always say thanks and clean with them. We also play games to see how fast we can all pick up ten things and put them away. I do not even have CHORES, because the kids are so willing to help me whenever I ask. I do not want to put a negetive spin on it and call it CHORES. Why change a good thing!

In reference to your comment on my blog: Stef, I am trying to keep up with you! You look terriffic!! It is not an easy thing to fluctuate in weight so much!! The older I get, the harder it is to get back into shape!!! You are so sweet, and I appreciate all the nice things you say about me. Thanks!!!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Those pictures are SO cute! And we all know why we come to your blog, it's to see pictures,'s all good! What I love about the pic of them on the bench is that immediately after, Dillon face-planted and cried! Who would've guessed from the cute pic that preceeded it!