Friday, September 19, 2008


So just a quick post to express my appreciation to our wonderful friends we made in Pittsburgh. I now realize that our time in Pittsburgh and dental school was so awesome because we had such great friends. I also realize how blessed we were to already have friends and family in Pittsburgh before we even arrived. Now that we're in Denver I know not only is it hard to break out of your shell and meet people, but I'm afraid that our friends from Pittsburgh have set the bar unrealistically high. So to Jeff, Maja, Doug, Christen, Jaclyn, Mike, Jon, Brooke, and all you other wonderful Pittsburghers, we miss and love you! Thanks for your friendships and great memories!


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Aww...I love it! You are too cute! You know we're going crazy without you and Kev too. I love all those old pics! I think the first pic is the day that I taught Ry guy to throw rocks! Hah! What great times we had in the burgh but what greater friends?!

Maja said...

Ahh Stef, you made me cry a little. You are so sentimental! I love it. Now the picture of us and the Reids at a dinner table, where was that? Yes Christen that was the time you taught Ryan to throw rocks. I was looking at pictures from that day working on scrapbooking and I have a great one of bear licking Ryan to death on the ground. Fun times, we miss Pitt and everyone too.

Misner Family said...

I love all the pictures. I cant believe everyone was out here when their kids were born and they are so big now. It seems like only yesterday.......... We really miss you guys. Jaden and I wish we had friends too. Pittsburgh isnt that great without you guys. I am getting kind of anxious to move. Weird huh?