Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Uneventful Week 1

I'm trying to at least do weekly updates - even if nothing too exciting has happened. If anything, I can give a few recaps from the week. These may be boring to many, but the grandparents seem to enjoy the minute details of Rylee's day.

So it is always interesting to watch Ry eat dinner (although there are times it is just plain frustrating and can take the fun out of eating for myself). As we were eating quesadillas this week, Rylee decided she would like to try salsa. So her vehicle for the salsa ended up being her grapes. She would dip them in the salsa, and lick the salsa off. She soon discovered that the combination was pretty gross, and refused to eat anymore salsa or grapes. This week Rylee also discovered s some delicious hand foods. She had corn on the cob and drumsticks. I am posting this fact only so I can add the pics. It is fun to watch her gnaw on her food. No matter how you place the corn or drumstick in her hand, she always manages to eat the wrong parts.

Ry is so proud of her "surprise" face. She will say mom or dad until you give her your full attention and then she'll pull the face. One day I told her not to climb on the table, and she of course immediately did just that the minute I turned my back. When I caught her standing on the table, she did her "surprise" face, which effectively made me laugh and got her out of a time out. It's fun sometimes to just laugh and enjoy those moments of disobedience.

Here's a shorter blurb from the week. We went to the children's museum and they had a little grocery store the kids could shop in. Ry was loading her cart, and I thought it was funny that the things in her cart were things she could actually eat. She had her fruits, vegetables, rice, and soy milk.

One last fact about Ry. For those of you who know her know that she has an addiction to her blanket. "Bobby" as she calls it has to stay in the crib, so she only gets her fix when she is napping or going to bed. Now and then though I find her sneaking a little "bobby" action. The first pic is of Ry getting a fix of her "bobby" through the rails of her bed. She knows the rules, so she doesn't take him out of the crib. The second pic. is of Ry using some random blanket to soothe her. It's funny though because she somehow manages to weave her way through the handle of the basket. I know, I know...your own kids are more funny to you then they are to everyone else.


Mrs_taterh8r said...

This cracks me up, Taylor does the same thing. sometimes she will steal Ryan and Kaylee's blankies because they are easier to reach.

Melissa said...

hey! I'm so excited to find that you have your own blog too! I found it on Linda's. Mine is there too! Rylee is looking so big! How is Kevin doing in school. Is he just ready to be doen already? Russ has yet to start working we're having a hold up on getting his license...ugh! He should get it this week, i hope.

Rob and Ashley Seymour said...

Rylee is so beautiful Stef!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

She cracks me up! And just for the record, it's not just grandparents that are interested in the minute details of your lives. I need to know everything I can about what's going on since I can't be there first-hand. She is adorable and cracks me up! What a personality! I miss you guys!

Linda said...

Rylee is so funny! I love the minute details too. It made me feel better to know that Natalie is not the only baby in the world who tests her limits.

Anonymous said...

So funny Stef! I LOVE hearing all the details! So cute to hear about her personality. Rylee getting on the table sounds so much like somthing Tay would do, wait, he has done that. He He! So good to enjoy these moments. I love when they find all their faces and more!! What beautiful pics of her. Georgous eyes!