Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Recap

So I decided to add pictures from this summer. Although it seems I went a little overboard, our lives have basically come to a halt as far as excitement, so I had to post a lot of pics. from our fun summer.

Kev's graduation in May

Getting ready to go fly fishing in Island Park

Jackson Hole - Getting ready for our bike ride. Ry is with her cousin Tay Tay in the bike trailor. They did great considering they sat in the trailor for 28 miles!

Jackson Hole - Ry picking flowers at Mormon Row

Lake Powell - Ry stayed at home with Grandma so that we could enjoy ourselves without worrying about Rylee jumping off the houseboat.


Anonymous said...

What a fun Family you have!!

Mrs_taterh8r said...

I love the one of Rylee on Mormon Row. What I also like is seeing Jeff in the background scoping out the next photo op. I think we have 300 pictures from that place.