Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hitting the Slopes

Kev has been looking forward to this day since Ry was born - taking her skiing. After easing into it Ry loved it. She went from refusing to be set down on the snow to skiing from Grandma down to dad by herself.

Ever been to a ski area where all the power goes out? No power in the lodge and no power on the mountain. Well Eldora encountered this technical difficulty for the first time, which just happened to be the day we were there. Another problem, the gusty wind which shut down the ski lifts to the upper mountain. To make up for the inconvenience we were given passes for another day, looks like we will be taking Ry again sooner than we thought.

Thanks Grandma for taking us, and watching Sophie at the lodge so I could see Ry ski for the first time!

On a side note, Kev informed me we have to have an even number of kids so that everyone will have a buddy on the ski lift.


Tish said...

She is so adorable! And the even number kid thing is a good idea.

Lilit said...

That is something I am sure my kids won't get to experience in that young age... but it sure looks fun and Ry is SOOO cute in the outfit!!! Good for you for exposing her to many different outdoorsy things!!!

Misner Family said...

So are you guys going to have 2, or 4 more kids? :) It looks like fun. To bad there aren't really any slopes here and there isn't really any money to go to one if there were. We miss you guys. Looks like your having fun.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

How fun! Ry looks adorable! I wish Dilly was there to learn with her! Hopefully we'll get to take them together someday!