Monday, February 1, 2010

The 2 Minute Cake

That's right, a cake that only takes 2 minutes to make, and that's not the craziest part. This cake is made in the microwave! I don't know how this secret has been kept from me for so long, but our friends the McDonoughs finally let us in on it. We have now made it twice, and it is a great treat for after the kiddos are in bed and Kev and I are up watching the Bachelor (I mean only I watch the Bachelor...right). Try it, it's pretty tasty!

Mix together:
4 Tblsp Flour
5 Tblsp Sugar
2 Tblsp Cocoa
3 Tblsp Milk
3 Tblsp Oil
1 Egg
Pinch of salt
Few drop of vanilla

Spray a ramekin or hot chocolate mug with some Pam and add your batter. Then microwave it for 2-3 mins. Our microwave is older than I am so it takes about 3 mins, but if you have a microwave made after 1970 that has a little more power you might be able to do it in 2.
If you want to get really fancy, we added caramel to the bottom of our ramekin before we poured the batter in, and then added chocolate syrup to the top (obviously I didn't make New Year's resolutions that focused on eating better, have you seen how many times I mention food in my posts?).


Maynards said...

I will be trying that VERY soon! Yummy.

Megan and Charlie Miller said...

Sounds like a great recipe.
You look amazing by the way!!

Team Serra said...

i'm glad we're not the only ones who watch the bacelor :)

James and Tricia Thomas said...

Sounds so good!!! Next week when I need a treat duing my show! Vienna is such a beast!

Heather said...

Wow...that is a perfect I-need-a-snack-for-after-the-kids-go-to-bed snack! I love it!

Jenny Cook said...

Thanks for the recipe! FUN!

Snell family said...

I almost wish I hadn't read this post. Almost.

Ang said...

SO fun Stef! I am going to make this for a little afterschool snack for the kids some day. They would love me forever! Thanks for sharing your recipe. You know...the kids would LOVE making their own...I should do that. :)What fun!