Monday, June 21, 2010

Three stone

This weekend we had lots of reasons to celebrate Kev, three to be exact. So this post is dedicated to a great husband, an intense biker, and obviously a great dad.

It has been 6 years since he hooked himself to this ball and chain. No complaints on my end (can't talk for Kev), I can't speak well enough about this man. What kind of romantic celebration was in store...a silent auction for the Scouts, with the kids.
Upside: Bid and won an awesome looking blueberry crisp. Downside: Yo Grabba Grabba Sophie grabbing hold and yanking it onto the church floor...upside down. Upside: It looked so good I ate it anyways, don't judge me.

Reason # 2: Bike Race
My kids have hope. Although their mother's physical abilities are a joke, Kev did a 45 mile bike race this weekend. He did awesome, and I'm trying to convince him to do it on a tandem bike with me next year, or better yet, pull me in the bike trailer.

Reason # 3: Father's Day
The girls love their dad. Given the option they would rather stay home with Kev than me. Whenever Ry is sick she always asks for her dad. I love it.

Also, I love my dad. I don't see him hardly enough with him living in Hong Kong, but he is there for me and I love him (I love you dad!).

So there I did it. Killed three birds with one stone (which is an awful saying) but you get the point.

The girls love their dad, and I'm willing them to inherit so many of his qualities.

Pre race. Go #1438! Did I mention he was the 6th biker to cross the finish line...I am in awe.

I love this smattering of pictures. I was trying to capture one of Kev and I in honor of our anniversary. Just like life though the kids wiggled their way into our moment...which made it a little gigglier.


Tish said...

Congrats on the anniversary! good job kev!

Tish said...

by the way, i meant good job on the bike race. i realized it could have seemed like i was saying good job on the anniversary :)

Maynards said...

Cute pictures! And congrats to Kev on the bike race. Dang, that is really far.
We need to get together with you guys PRONTO before we move in three weeks. Lets think of something fast.

Riggs Familia said...

i love your posts steph. you always crack me up.

a 45 miles race father's day weekend, doesnt sound like anything it'd anticipate. and it's already starting to make me sore!! but what an awesome job! holy cow! go kev!

cheers to a good dad and thanks for all the dinners lately!

Claydens said...

so cute! Congrats on being married for so long. Thats awesome

Jenny Cook said...

Way to go Kev! Love the pictures by the way. Easy to see they love you guys very much!!! What awesome parents!

Chelle and Aaron said...

I love those pictures. So cute. I got a bike trailer tonight so we can go out now if you want to.