Sunday, June 27, 2010

10 Month Sophie

Sophie. Sophie. Sophie.
Still into everything, only now doors and drawers and heights can't deter her like they did before.
Throws each pea one by one on the floor as if it's ridiculous I would try to serve them to her.
Cracks me up whenever she is mad and looks me straight in the eyes and lets out a 10 second scream. Then I cringe because it won't be funny forever.
Developed dad and Ry's sleeping habits (up by 6), yuck.
She wants to be as big as her sister so bad.
Refused to eat baby food around 8 months and then turned into a carnivore.
Yells "mom" all the time. And occasionally will say "Iyee" for Ry...but still no "dad".
Favorite game to play is Timber, played on Ry's bed, being pushed over then tickled (Ry's favorite game too, since she's the one doing the pushing).
Other favorite game is Doggie, where Ry drags her around by her shirt saying "come on Soph" (picture below).
Favorite sound...Ry and Sophie busting up laughing in the back seat.
So Determined. So Crazy. So Enjoyable.
I've noticed that in almost all the pics. my kids are in pajamas. I could say it's because it's early in the morning or bedtime...but let's be honest. Some days my kids never make it out of jammies, and neither does their mom.


Pitcherpost said...

oh I got a good laugh out of that doggie picture, so so cute! And at least your kids are in clothes for the pics, even if they are pjs, most of my pics my kids are just in diapers, as they are most of the day!

Jenny Cook said...

That is tooo funny!

Tish said...

Doggie! That's hilarious! They are so cute stef! We sure miss you guys. :(

Maja said...

I loved it when my girls started playing together. Now we have a lot of laughter for no reason other than they think it is silly. We missed you at Lake Powell. There was not enough game playing for my taste.
Are you glad that Casey if off the bachelorete. That guy was really starting to creep me out.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Me too Maja!! He was some sort of crazy!! But back to soph...she is too cute Steph! I love that Ry makes her be a puppy!! Too stinkin cute!

Claydens said...

oh sophie! So cute and I'm surprised that these are not all pics of her eating something off the ground:) She is adorable! Just finished the show.....oh my crazy!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

That picture of Ry dragging her is classic!! She sounds like such a sweet little girl!

Anonymous said...

That pic cracks me up!
And about the jammies all day, I'm right there with ya!