Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I have more time than usual on my hands since I'm here in Idaho and don't have an apartment to clean, dinners to make, a child to take care of (I love grandparents), cub scouts to prepare for, errands to run, or a husband to run to and from school. With the spirit of Thanksgiving I have been thinking about how grateful I am to be so happy. I phrase it this way because even though we:

  • had two E.R. visits within a month
  • had to say goodbye to our wonderful friends in Pittsburgh
  • have had a hard time making friends in Denver
  • (I) had to leave the perfect job
  • feel the pain of only having one car because pinky (Kev's bike) is recovering from a car accident
  • are up to our eyeballs in student loans
  • are equipped with an epi-pen in case Ry goes into anaphylactic shock
I am happy.

It is all relative because I know we have it easy. This brings me to why I'm really doing my Thanksgiving post. I know so many great examples of others who have been dealt seriously tough times, bad news, or unfortunate events, and have only grown and shown others that it is our choice to push forward and be happy. I want to say Thank You to these people that could be wallowing in self pity or be bitter because of their circumstances, but instead are examples of faithful, hopeful, strong individuals.


Tish said...

And I'm so thankful we get to see you guys tomorrow!!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

You're welcome.

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Ha ha ha...I'm totally kidding! But seriously, you are one of those people that are perpetually happy and upbeat, so count yourself as one of those! Miss you!

Becky said...

Stef, I hope you're having a wonderful Thanksgiving! I've been meaning to call you,I'll try ya next week when you're back home.Miss ya and hope to see you over Christmas.

Maynards said...

This post was soooooo well put. Love the blog...and Happy Birthday!!!!