Friday, November 21, 2008

Internet At Last!

I'm so excited to welcome myself to this century and announce we caved and got internet. Rylee is feeling the affects of it now seeing that I planted her in front of a movie with some cheerios. Hopefully once I'm caught up on the e-mails and blogs I can be a good mother again. So here are a few pics. from our past couple weeks.
Ry was a ballerina for Halloween, and she has learned to do balance', battement, tendu, and second position.

Grandpa and Grandma McMinn came for a visit!

Ry, so helpful in the kitchen when helping mom clean up.

One of the pics below is of Ry's 'bonk', and we actually had another more serious 'bonk' and E.R. visit a couple weeks ago. Luckily (I mean that the nicest way possible) this time Kev was the victim and not Rylee. Let me paint a picture for you: Kev rides his bike to school everday. Two Fridays ago he was on his usual route to school, in a designated bike lane, going with the flow of traffic. A woman driving in the opposite direction attempted to make a left turn into a parking lot, and unfortunately she did not see Kev on 'Pinky' (Kev's bike). Kev and pinky crashed into the front passenger side of the woman's car, flew over the top of the car, and landed on the pavement. I make light of it now because besides a major gash on Kev's knee, he was remarkably ok. I'm so thankful for the safety we are blessed with! Some may think "safety, your husband was hit by a car", but the fact that he insisted on still going to school that day and will suffer no long term injuries...I'm grateful for our safety! On a funnier note, this lady called Kev later that day to see if he was ok, and to see if he noticed the major damage he caused with his body to her car...suggesting that perhaps it was Kev's fault because after all he did hit her car. I'm glad I can laugh at this because that's CRAZY!!!!!


Linda said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you have internet again! Isn't it amazing how much we rely on it? Sorry about the 'bonks'. Kev's looked pretty gross, almost like he's grown a second knee cap! And has anyone ever told you guys that Grandpa Mcminn looks a lot like the dean of BYU's business school in Utah?

Maja said...

That knee is disgusting! It looks very painful. I hope they gave you some good drugs to deal with the pain, and the lady who hit you. Some people have nerve!

Maja said...

Stef, you left us hanging.....Did pinky survive?

Ang said...

Yea!!! You have internet!!

I am so glad to hear that Kevin is ok. That looks terrible! Poor guy, and the nerve of that lady! My friend hit a Pedacyclists once, and they have the right of way as far as I have heard.

That Bonk on Rylee's heard looks like a nasty one. Tay has one just like it on his head. I love those cute pictures of Rylee. She really has grown! We have that same toy that Rylee stacked all those containers on. Small world.

We are SO excited to see you all. Take care and be safe. I hope pinky made it. Brett and I laughed. Too Funny!!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

I think Doug was most sad about Pinky; hope he survived another day! ;) People are amazing, the lengths that they'll go to! In other news...welcome back to the internet! Can't wait to keep updated on the pics! Have a great turkey day!

Maynards said...

Yippe for have internet again! What a relief for you. I am soooooooo glad Kev is o.k. as well. His knee looks pretty sore though. Have an awesome Thanksgiving! We will hang out again soon.

Stefanie said...

Now you have a knee to match your kankle. What would you call that?