Thursday, June 30, 2011

hello...anyone there?

So after dropping off the face of the earth (also known as El Paso, TX), I've decided to update my blog a little. I'd like to say I'm back...but it's more my desire to do anything except make dinner right now.

That said...let's begin!

Waaaaay back in March we took a trip to Arizona with my in laws, and it was a blast. The smell of oranges was in the air, the place we stayed in was amazing, and the company was the best. Not to mention shopping, Cheesecake Factory, two rounds of golf, and sushi.

Come May we had the most amazing (hopefully not a once in a lifetime) experience...a trip to Chicago without our children! Grandma Mc was a saint and came to play with the girls for an extra long weekend while Kev and I lived it up in the windy city. It was cold and rainy (both welcomed changes to the climate we are used to), and we got to go with some of our favorite people since the guys were all attending an ortho conference.

My favorite things: breakfast at Yolk, Chicago shopping, Gino's Pizza, breakfast at Yolk, all the glorious trees, sushi, dim sum, running in the rain, and breakfast at Yolk...again.

Some of the coolest ladies (moving our partay from Texas to Chicago!)

And of course my favorite guy...

The girls are of course older now and have somehow become partners in crime.

Ry also had her first dance recital. She was so cute and funny to watch. It's weird I have a kid that is old enough to be in a dance recital.

And lastly I have gained 10 lbs in the past 6 months. It is partly due to my indulgence of ice cream every night but mostly because I'm growing another person inside me and that tends to make you plumper. And in case you haven't's a boy!


Megan and TJ said...

Congrats! I have to say boys are a lot of fun! Also I cant believe how big the girls are getting!

Josh and Lyndi Smith said...

Super exciting! Congrats. Your girls are darling! Cutest dancer pics. Love those!

Matt, Amy, Grant, and Tyson said...

Congrats! So excited for you to have a boy. They are zoo fun and I bet kev is stoked. Your girls are so cute.

Emilynn & Brandon said...

yay blog update! haha I used to blog stalk you all the time, then I got sad when you took a hiatus :) glad to have you back!

Misner Family said...

Holy Moley, I love this post. Glad to see you are back in the swing. And We are so excited for you guys to have a little boy! The girls are sooo cute, & OLD. That does seem weird.

Braziers said...

holy crap!!!! You know its a boy and you've only gained 10 ibs. you go girl!!! congrats!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

The girls are so CUTE!!! You two make really cute kids! I am so excited that Kevin is finally getting his boy! I wish I would have gone to Chicago so I could have seen you guys... I had no idea the wife's went!

Tish said...

Hello? Yes, I'm here! I'm so glad you updated your blog, I've been missing it. I am so jealous of a weekend away without kids. And to Chicago, one of my favorite cities. We can't wait to see you!

Pilar said...

congratulations!! boys are fun. the girl;s are getting so big and cute.

Frolicking Night Owl said...

Congrats! Boys are oodles of fun!!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

I second what Brooke said...the girls look so big! Rylie is gorgeous!!! And you are beautiful as always! You'll have to teach me how you tie that scarf! Love you and your beautiful family!...Now the question remains...will the beauty hold with a boy?! ;) It's up to Kev at this point!!

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