Saturday, October 23, 2010

birthday do over

Kev's b'day came and went the beginning of October without any singing, cake, or presents.
BUT, I did send him to school with any good mom (I mean wife) would do.
AND, he did go on a man trip to New Orleans with all his classmates for a conference.
so don't feel too bad for the guy.
The next weekend I declared a birthday do over and redeemed myself a little bit.
I surprised him with a date (a round of golf).
We went out to dinner with the kiddos (secretly wishing we were still on a date).
Then we came home to cake and presents!

Sophie eating her cake...
and Ry's cake
still not satisfied, she moved on to the rest of the cake. You can see the damage she caused.

Dad showing off his loot (helmet and bike jersey).

The cake was one big experiment.
Started off with Kev's favorite chocolate chocolate chip zucchini cake.
Substituted the egg with flax and water (for Ry).
Substituted most of the sugar with honey.
Substituted most the flour with wheat flour.
Substituted the oil with apple sauce.
And used the dairy/egg free chocolate chips (for Ry...which are fantastic).
I also added almond butter to the frosting (which made the consistency totally weird).
And still used 10 lbs. of sugar for the frosting.
It was tasty and I felt a tad better as I devoured half the cake.


Lilit said...

Steph, you are so funny! Your mom (wife) line cracked me up...
Happy Birthday!
I loved reasing of all the substitutions you made to the cake!
ps... is that a coincidence that the word verification word to make this post is "biker"??? :/

Kevin said...

Thank you again for the Birthday surprise. I absolutely loved every bit of it.
Love you

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

You are such a good mom and wife! :)

Maja said...

I am glad that Kevin had a happy birthday. I love Rylee's hair. Did you cut it yourself? Adorable family. How is the packing coming? Maybe I should just call you since I seem to have a lot of questions.

James and Tricia Thomas said...

That was sweet of you to do a 'do over!'