Friday, July 16, 2010

In case you're wondering...

Lately I have heard from several people how blogs always make people's lives look pretty spectacular, and it can be a tad depressing. So here is a glimpse of the other 90% (ok..maybe 50%) of my life that I omit from my blog.

I never knew I needed anger management until I had a two year old.

4 months until graduation and still no job...but let the student loan repayment begin!

It's hard to imagine all those pics. of that cute smiley face of Ry yelling "don't talk to me!", and "no, I won't do that!", but I hear that about every hour (except during naps).

A dirty house makes me so stressed and grumpy. You would think that would result in a clean house, but instead there's lots of stress and grumpiness.

Every day I come up with a new parenting plan to teach Ry to listen and not be so defiant, and everyday I fail.

Most days I think if my kids didn't wake up at 6 I would stay in bed until 10 and watch all the morning news shows and Rachael Ray.

If Ry doesn't have a melt down at least once in public that day then we probably never left our house.

There would be more but I hear Sophie splashing in the toilet (how do you teach your 3 yr. old to put the seat down and shut the door?).

The point. I don't take pics. of all that stuff, I don't really want to record and remember it because it will just repeat itself the next day. But I do not have it all together and luckily usually only Kev is privy to that. I hope that made someone feel better out there.

After I thought of doing this post, I literally had to wait 10 secs. until I snapped a pic. of this meltdown.


Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

You're not alone Stef! That's life, day in and day out! Life with a three year old is certainly interesting to say the least!

Kristen Campbell said...

You're awesome Stef! You are exactly right, and if that isn't really how it is for everyone out there then I'd like a lesson from them! Keep hanging in there like the rest of us, and we'll keep on posting the good moments. :-)

Heather said...

Well, Rylee is still cute even when she's crying! (And that's the saving grace of my kids...they're cute, otherwise I might have to kill them...) And today was a super awesome day with Caleb, so I totally know the feeling! Love commiserating!

Mel said...

HA! I laughed out loud at your anger management statement! I feel the same way!!

Almost Somebody said...

There's a special place in heaven for moms of children who are born so close together. My kids were 14 months apart and I swear I was a zombie for the first 3 years of their lives. If I could have worn my maternity pajamas to the store I would have, (even though, I hadn't been pregnant for 3 years!) Keep up the good work.

Almost Somebody said...
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lifeiscomplex said...

Nice blog. keep your head up. We all have our own paths in life. I am sure you will get a job soon. Looks like your hands are full already with the kids though. Oh btw..ooooosahhhhhh =)

Riggs Familia said...

well gee, thanks for depressing me.
:) jk
you need to take those kinds of pictures...good for blackmail in the future!

James and Tricia Thomas said...

You are cracking me up with this post!!! I wish we still lived by you guys so that we could have a good laugh about it! Ry is priceless in that picture!