Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Kev!

Kevin turns 29 today (October 8th)! Only one more year in your 20's Kev!! I know this birthday may seem like it is lacking a little luster since our traditional Red Robin dinner will only be with our little family and not all of our friends, but I know what will make your birthday a little more special...a corny little post dedicated just to you.

Just so you know the things you do everyday don't go unnoticed, here is a list of a few of the things I want to thank you for. Thank you for:

  • Being the same person I married: kind, loving, and selfless
  • Telling Ry to "come see dad" when you know I need a break
  • Riding your bike to school everyday so I can have the car
  • Getting up with Ry at 6 in the morning so I can sleep just a little longer
  • Cleaning up those messes that are just too gross or overwhelming for me to tackle
  • Adopting my frugality by foregoing the items you would like to buy, but still encouraging me to buy the things I want.
  • All the back and foot rubs
  • Sympathizing with me when you come home and Ry is having a melt down while I'm trying to cook dinner
  • Always thinking I look great (or at least telling me that)
  • Letting me control the t.v. and the radio
  • Being the most patient person I have ever met
  • Being interested in my day even though it was probably the same as the day before and the day before that
  • Indulging Rylee with the "Mr Knickerbocker", "Bus", and "Wa Wa Woo" song over and over and over again
  • Texting me throughout the day so I have some adult interaction and know that you are thinking of us
  • Never complaining when you lose me all night to a book, even though I complain when I lose you to football games
  • Watching Rylee for days while I neglected her to read the Twilight series
  • Not only watching Ry whenever I ask, but also tidying the house while I'm out(how many guys do that?!)
  • Reading our blog regularly and being one of the few people who thinks I post interesting news
  • Reading in our closet in the mornings (usually around 5) so you don't wake me up by reading in bed (I never asked him to or even hinted that he shouldn't read in bed...I'm not that awful).
  • Being such a hard worker, I can't imagine going to college for 10 years, yuck!

Last and what I most appreciate is that you show Ry and I that we are the most important things in your life. The highlight of Ry's day is when you walk through the door, and she instantly encourages and insists you to take off your shoes and stay. The highlight of my day is when you come home and I know that you are genuinely happy to be home with your family. I love you, and I'm glad we have forever together.


Melissa said...

Happy b-day kevin!! I wish we could go to Red Robin to celebrate together!! We miss you guys!!

Christen, Doug and Dillon said...

Happy Birthday Kev! We were so sad that we couldn't share the Red Robin experience with you this year. Wish we could celebrate with you!

Maja said...

Happy Birthday Kevin. I thought about you all day hoping you had a good day. I had a feeling that Red Robin might be involved. What nice things your wife has to say. Can I just echo that you are a great guy and we love being in the same family. My kids kept telling me that it was Uncle Kevin's birthday so they were thinking of you too.
Maja, Jeff and kids

Rob and Ashley Seymour said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Kevin! We hope was a great one!

Anonymous said...

Also wishing you a happy birthday!! We always knew you were quite the nice guy. You Stef and Rylee are such a wonderful Family! We miss you all.